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Make and do activities

Have a look at this week's suggested 'make and do' activities to choose from.


  • Make dinosaur feet. Here are some pictures to help inspire you.



  • Draw or paint a dinosaur   
  • Make a dinosaur or dinosaur skeleton from junk modelling, pasta or items you find in nature


  • Make dinosaur shaped biscuits



  • Can you research what a Jurassic landscape would have looked like? From your research create the landscape. You can choose any media that you have - pencils, pens, paint, chalks, junk modelling, Lego...
  • If possible, visit and explore nearby Hitchcopse Pit nature reserve - it has the feel of a Jurassic landscape! Take photos and stomp the grounds - without disturbing the wildlife there of courselaughClick on the photo for more information.  

  • Can you create your own swamp for a dinosaur? 


  • Dinosaur draw-along with fantastic author and illustrator Rob Biddulph

  • Make your own fossils! Follow this short video on Cbeebies to find out how...