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Sports Day at Home

Have a Sports Day at home. What events will you have? Will there be any prices? Don't forget to send pictures of your Sports Day.

Sports Day Food

After your Sports Day you might be hungry. Click on the pictures below to find some exciting recipes.




Pictures of Speed and Movement: Futurism

Dynamsim of a Soccer Player by Umberto Boccioni 1913

These paintings were made by a group of artists called Futurists.

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash by Giacomo Balla 1912

The Futurists wanted to create speed and movement in art.

Can you have a go? Imagine you are running, jumping, throwing or catching  on sports day.

What would your speed & movement picture  look like?

London Olympics by Charis Tsevis

Moving figure by Karen Shacklock

Here's one way to do it!

1. Draw a simple person.                                       

(It doesn't matter if you make a mistake!)



2. Cut it out.

3. Draw around it with different colours, moving it along each time.

4. Add lines to give the impression of movement!

5.Send us your pictures!


Drawing with scissors - create your own movement piece inspired by Matisse's cut-out figures...

Design a certificate for the winners and runner up contestants of the Olympic Games. Think about what the symbols of the Olympic games are (the torch, the 5 rings and the colours of the rings).

Make your own Olympic torch and medals!

Fun games - Paper plate tennis and sailing races!