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Make and do activities

Have a look at this week's suggested 'make and do' activities to choose from:


  • Have a go at creating your own colour wheel. Can you create one that shows different shades of a colour?
  • The Color Wheel

  • Have a look around your local community or even your house or garden. Is there a wall or fence that you would want to redesign to be as colourful as possible? Create your design on paper and share it alongside a photo of the area you were updating.
  • Colour Scraping - cover a plain white A3/A4 sheet of paper with different coloured oil pastels. Make sure that there is NO white on the paper. Then cover the paper on the same side with black/dark brown pain. When it has completely dried, get some scissors or a small stick and carefully scrape out a picture. Make sure you don't go through the paper.     
  • What is your favourite piece of artwork? Have a go at recreating it. Don't forget that you can use PurpleMash.

  • Colours can be divided into warm colours and cool colours. Blues, greens and some purples are considered cool colours. Reds, oranges and yellows are considered warm colours. Warm colours are said to bring energy, and cool colours are said to bring a feeling of calm. Have a go at creating your own warm and cool colours art, to explore the ideas of night and day or light and dark.


  • Explore the art of Henri Matisse and how he used colour. Create your own 'cut-out' picture inspired by his work - see our 'Useful Weblinks' folder for more information and ideas via the Tate website.
  • How about making a portrait out of cardboard in the style of the abstract artist Pablo Picasso? Be careful using scissors and remember to ask for help if you need it! More information can be found about Picasso on our 'useful weblinks' page


  • Collage colours to create your own picture

  • Try rainbow sponge/scrape painting 


  • Natural colour: have a go at making your own natural dyes from plant products... Click the link on the picture to find out more.


Pitter Patter Painting - lovely outdoor art ideas using rain and colour. Find a link to the story 'Singing in the Rain' in our Books to Share folder.