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Make and do activities

Have a look at this week's suggested 'make and do' activities to choose from:

  • Create planets by collage, painting and printing with crumpets, using paper plates or even paper mache to make them bumpy.

  • Design and create an alien creature!  


  • Paint stones to create Space Rocks


  • Use junk modelling to build a space rocket


How to make a Rocket? DIY

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  • Chalk, pastel or crayon drawings - look at the Hubble Telescope images to inspire you...



  • Investigate the phases of the moon and have fun representing the phases in your own way... 




Alien Spaceship - HOW TO MAKE IN 60 SECONDS 👽 | Mister Maker

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Space fortune teller template

Can you make a soolar system hat? Remember to put all the planets in order!