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Life Skills

Here are some great life skills that you can learn how to do – in no particular order!

Wonderful if  you can already do some or all of these skills. yes

This is not an endless list so please email us with any skills you think should be added.

Let us know when you have learnt a new skill or have mastered one you were already learning to do. 

Remember patience and persistencesmiley


Tie shoelaces.

Tell the time – analogue, digital and 24hr.

When using money find correct amount and change.

Prepare a simple meal.

Correctly lay the table.

Use cutlery correctly.

Wash and dry up after a meal.

Sort rubbish and put in correct bins.

Make and change a bed.

Be organised and keep bedroom tidy.

Dust and hoover.

Put a wash load on.

Hang out washing.

Fold dry washing.

Sew on a button.

Plant and grow seeds.