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Learning outdoors

Well done for finding Outdoor Learning and welcome!

Maybe you're the sort of person who already loves going outside, in which case you probably know loads of great things to do. Please send in any pictures or ideas that we can share here.

Here's something to try in June. 30 Days Wild. Something to do each day, organised by the Wildlife Trust. They have some brilliant ideas, take a look.


Have you got a garden? Have you planted anything? Or spotted any visitors? This was my garden, after an amazing hail storm!

Wild Area

It's all growing like mad in the Wild Area at school. After the dry spell, the nettles and cow parsley did die down a bit, but it's still pretty jungly in there. Here are a few of the flowers coming out in June.

And here I am with yet another load of weeds and brambles to be cleared. Wild Area still out of bounds for now, but not for long.

Mrs Poolman

The Quad

Things are changing in the quad. It's a wonderful place to look and learn outdoors. The pond is absolutely beautiful now, with the pink water lilies in full bloom. The fountain gives a different feel to it, and ofcourse is aerating the water. Look out for frogs around the place.

Mr Evans-Lee is an expert on wildlife and plants and has been helping with lots of activities and preparation here.

The gardeners are busy weeding, planting and making compost.

We are caring for the birds and have plans to attract more wildlife.
And this is the perfect place to create some natural art, listen to a story or imagine what might be going on under the enchanted tree...

School Grounds

We've had fun in Nature Week. Year 4/5 had a Tree Day and learned about the trees in the school grounds. One challenge is to find out the height of a tree - not easy without technical equipment, though you can look at it between your legs and measure how far away you were when you could just see the entire tree, hence the slightly strange pictures of children bending over! Do you know about the trees in your garden, or the park or on your walks?

Do you recognize these trees, and these children?

Apple Grove

Because the outdoor classroom and fire place have not been used for a while, things have got a bit overgrown. We spent a morning cutting back the weeds and brambles, and the table re-emerged. Keep watching this area for changes!

Field Beds

Next project is transforming these raised beds into places where things grow that we have chosen to be there. The children have great ambitions for fruit and veg, as well as beautiful flowers.

Did you know there are 20 square beds? One of them is full of raspberries, enjoyed by many! But getting overgrown and in need of attention. The others are looking pretty messy (though some spectacular teasels in there !) and ready for some serious overhauling. Unfortunately, they are very low on fertile soil, not really raised beds at all. We are in the process of asking for compost and top soil to fill them up. 4/5ers have started on weeding, digging and planting ornamental gourds in one. Keep an eye on them for developments. And if you know of any spare compost or soil...