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Key Stage Two

Key Stage Two - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 

Age group 7 - 11 year olds


Start of the Day

All children enter the School grounds and follow the footsteps into the Upper School playground where they can play.  Children should not arrive earlier than 8:30am as there will be no adult supervision on the playground until then. A bell will be rung at 8:40 am at which point children will be met on the playground by their class teacher and go to the classroom for registration. Each class has a number to line up at as follows:


  • Line 1 - 6JP
  • Line 2 - 6LG
  • Line 3 - 5SS
  • Line 4 - 5JC
  • Line 5 - 4KP
  • Line 6 - 4RT
  • Line 7 - 3HN
  • Line 8 - 3DB


Any child arriving after 8:50am is considered late and therefore must report to the School Office to ensure that they can be marked as present and their dinner arrangements registered. It is an official requirement to mark children arriving after close of register as late.


End of the day

School ends at 3.15pm

All children will be escorted to the Upper School playground at the end of the day. Please make sure that your child knows exactly where you will be waiting for them.  If your child is walking home independently, please make sure that written permission is given to the office or class teacher.


Snacks and Water

  • Morning playtime is at 10am -10.20am.  Children may bring their own healthy snack to eat. Fresh or dried fruit, no cereal bars please.
  • We also actively encourage children to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  It would be helpful if your child could bring in a named water bottle so that they may have a drink in lesson times without a lengthy trip to the water fountain.



Lunchtime begins at 12.15pm.  All lunches are eaten in the canteen, or outside if the weather is suitable, and carefully supervised.  If your child has any special dietary requirement please make sure you have filled out a dietary form at the Office.


Can we remind parents/carers to be mindful of our healthy school status when making packed lunches for children to bring to school.



All KS2 children are expected to take part in P.E lessons. Please can their kit be in school everyday and kept on their pegs.

  Children will need plimsolls, shorts and T-shirt for indoor P.E. Jogging bottoms, sweatshirts and trainers for outdoor activities.
  For safety reasons long hair must be tied back.
  Permitted jewellery (earring studs and watches) needs to be removed for PE lessons





Children in Years 3 & 4 will be going swimming over the course of the year. A separate letter will be sent out informing you of when your child’s class session will run & everything else you may need to know.



This year, all children in KS2 will receive Maths & Spellings homework. In Years 4,5,6 the Maths homework is given out on a Monday and should be returned to school on Wednesday where the class will mark it together. Pupils will then receive some Grammar or Writing homework on the Wednesday that is to be returned along with the spellings on Friday for marking.   In Year 3, the children receive the week's homework on a Monday and return it by Friday. 

You can further support your child by helping them to quickly recall any multiplication fact up to 12 X 12 = 144. You might even teach them to quickly recall the inverse; for example, 144 ÷ 12 = 12 On occasion, pupils may also be set challenges or projects that are linked to the wider curriculum such as their topic for that term.


In addition to this, it is expected that a love for reading is nurtured and that children read regularly: ten to fifteen minutes or more per day is recommended. Children that read regularly achieve more across the entire curriculum and therefore have a more successful & enjoyable education.