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Hope: Anti-Bullying Assembly & Workshop

Hope: Anti-Bullying Assembly & Workshop

On Tuesday 30th October 2018, Years 4, 5 & 6 watched a powerful and educational performance delivered by professionals from Hope. They learnt about the definition of bullying, the various forms bullying can take and strategies that we can all use to avoid bullying from ever happening. A big thank you to the staff from Hope and a big well done to our pupils for being so mature throughout.


Year 6 Anti-Bullying Workshop

Following the show, we had to decide who we felt most sorry for in the story: Hope, who had been bullied by Amy; Amy, who had been bullied by her father; or, Joe, who Amy had forced to be her 'friend' and avoid Hope. We decided to sit beside Amy on the train because she had changed her ways and we understood that she was a victim of bullying too. The main message was not to bully and if you are bullied, you must tell somebody you trust such as your parents or a teacher.


By Bethany in Year 6