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Here We Are

We have all been reading and thinking about the book 'Here we are, notes for living on planet earth' by Oliver Jeffers.

We have done lots of different activities and created many different things. 

Have a look below and see what we have learnt and discussed.



In Nursery

We have been focusing on where we live, who we are and what we like to do. We started to learn the names of each other and sang hello songs to help with this. We talked about our new Botley shops and some of us remembered going to the library.

We spent time looking at the sea page and naming the creatures. We noticed the detailed features and patterns on them and how they moved. We then made our own fish by mixing colours, printing and sticking shapes. We listened to some music and made movements like the fish and sea creatures.

In Reception


In Reception we focused on where we lived and used Google Earth to explore the Earth and zoom into our school. We then went for a walk around our school and explored the different places.


We spent time looking at the ‘people’ page and talked about how we are all unique. We then painted self portraits where we looked closely at our features and what colours we needed.

In Year One....

Year 2


What fun we have been having in Year 2 sharing the Oliver Jeffers' book 'Here We Are'. Take a look at the photos below of our displays featuring our thoughtful and creative work about our amazing planet. In the words of Louis Armstrong, 'What a wonderful world'.



In Year 3/4

We have been contemplating the principles of justice, equality and co-existence. This brought us to a discussion regarding the reasons behind the Black Lives Matter protests and movement. The children showed an impressive level of emotional maturity and they really enjoyed creating posters to support the BLM cause. 


What can we see? What can we hear? How do we feel? Let’s take a moment to tune in to the world around us and enjoy some mindfulness. The reflection in year 3/4 culminated with the painting of the skyline using water colour paint.

What A Wonderful World - A book illustrated by Tim Hopgood

The book "What A Wonderful World" is based on the song by Bob Thiele & George David Weiss as sung by Louis Armstrong and illustrated by Tim Hopgood.