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This week the School had a visit from Reverend Claire, the local vicar from St Peter and St Pauls Church in Botley.

She talked about the value HAPPINESS, which we are thinking about in School over the next couple of weeks. 

Year 2 wrote a poem about happiness that we would like to share with you.


I am the water slide that you go on at the water park,

I am the new friend you have made,

I am the decorations on your Christmas Tree,

I am the hide and seek that you play with your family,

I am the Mindcraft character that is making you laugh,

I am the firework that you are looking at on bonfire night,

I am the teddy you cuddle at night,

I am the furry gloves you wear when it is frosty,


I am the chocolate you eat when you have a treat,

I am the dog that you take out for a walk,

I am the clothes you wear in the swimming pool,

I am the stars shining in the night sky,

I am the tablet you play on after school,

I am the football that you are kicking with your friends,

I am the tree you climb at lunchtime,

I am the biscuit you are crunching,


I am the sandwich you are eating,

I am the bicycle you are riding,

I am the mum that you love,

I am the basketball that you are bouncing,

I am the zooming car on the street,

I am the glitter that you sprinkle,

I am the snow you build the snowman with,

I am the ice cream that you eat,


I am the goldfish swimming in the fish tank,

I am the pencil you are writing with,

I am the fresh water you are drinking,

I am the smooth dolphin you are stroking,

I am the swishing leaves in the trees,

I am the colourful leaves in the autumn,

I am the exciting book you read in bed,

I am the trampoline that you are jumping on,


I am the clear water you are swimming in,

I am the friend you like to play with,

I am the coldness that makes the snow fall,

I am the sun shining,

I am the dog that barks in your ear really loudly,

I am the duvet you are snuggling up in,

I am the colourful rainbow in the sky,

I am the monkey bars you are swinging on,


I am the lunchbox you are carrying,

I am the goal in the football match,

I am the piece of paper that you draw on,

I am the woolly scarf that you wear on a freezing day,

I am the numberline for counting on,

I am the slide you slide on,

I am the paints you use for painting,

I am the poem you are reading.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Year 2