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Girls' 7-a-side Football 2.10.18

 Hajrah & Evie wrote the tournament report.


Match 1: Botley V Caldecott. Team work was really good. The team moved really fast from one end to another. The opposition were very tall and we were a bit bad on defending so we lost 8-0 but the goalie (Mirya) was brilliant.


Match 2: Botley V Stephen Freeman. Eva took an amazing kick. We skimmed from side to side and Emma scored an amazing first goal whilst Hajrah tapped in the second. Mirya was aboout to get a third when the whistle blew. 2-0 to Botley!


Match 3: Caldecott V Botley. Another difficult game but Botley managed to hold out better to just a 3-0 loss this time.


Match 4: Stephen Freeman V Botley. We passed down the field much better until Emma scored the only goal of the game. We did well but need to spread out more. Two wins and two losses!