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Fossil Detectives

This week (and next week) Years 5 & 6 became paleontologist detectives just like Dr Alan Grant from Jurassic Park! Visitors from a local museum brought a range of rock & fossil evidence from which pupils had to deduce and infer possible theories on Earth's history and evolution. What type of creatures might these have been? How do you know?

First we studied and discussed the ages and locations of different rock types as mapped out by the ‘father of geology’ William ‘Strata’ Smith. We learned that the deeper a rock is means it was on the surface further back in Earth’s history (it is older).

Then we asked many questions to see if we could deduce and infer any information from a range of fossils. We found that from the fossil and surrounding rock you could work out the age of the living thing; it’s species; how fast it moved; what it might have eaten; how big and heavy it was and where it fits in the evolutionary tree.

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