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Exploring the school grounds

We have been learning about where we live. We talked about how most of us live in Botley and located this on Google Maps. We found Botley School and tried to locate our class and then we zoomed out of the School and showed the children its location within Botley, Oxford, England, United Kingdom, the World and Earth. We then went on a walk around our School to visit different areas and the children realised that it is much bigger than the Early Years classrooms, hall and canteen.

First we started in our classrooms and how it is next to Nursery. We then went into our garden and then we visited Nursery where most children were last year. We walked around to the KS1 playground and saw where our classrooms would be next year in Year 1. We went to the KS2 playground and field and saw where Forest School was. We visited the canteen and then went to the After-School club building and talked about what this is and what you can do there and then we crept back quietly passed the hall before going back to our class. The children loved exploring the grounds.