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English activities

  • Design a persuasive poster for the summer fete!


  • Write captions and labels for summer fete games and items.


  • How about writing a poem about things you might, hear, see, smell, taste and feel and the fete.

    Ideas board.

    Think about a

    visit to the


    fete or fair.

    I can see...





    I can hear...





    I can smell...





    I can taste...





    I can feel...






  • Think about instructions and how to play a game at the summer fete 
  • Listen to the story 'Dogger' - the characters in the story went to the school fair. Write a story about going to the school fete or a different fair. 
    • Think about; 
    • Who are your characters?
    • Where is the fair?
    • What happens?
    • How is it resolved?
Can you complete the Summer Fete wordsearch and maybe have a go at making your own wordsearch?