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English Activities

  • What do colours make you think of? For example, if a colour had a flavour, what would it taste like? If a colour played a tune, what would that sound like? If a colour had a feeling or a mood, what would that be? Is there a colour that reminds you of a special time, place, memory or person? Write a poem using these ideas. Here is an example to help support your own writing of a poem: 


                                                             Green is nature and life on Earth

                                                             Green sounds like the dawn chorus of birds in spring

                                                             Green tastes like the best drink you ever had after a long, hot run!

                                                             Green smells like fresh watermelon slices in the summer

                                                             Green feels peaceful, all calm in the world

                                                             Green reminds me of long summer days and holiday fun with my loved ones.

Visit our 'Books to Share' page for more colour themed poems.

  • Write a letter from your favourite colour - use the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit' as inspiration - (you can watch this book in 'books to share')
  • Researching colour. Pick a colour to research. Can you find out how that colour can be made (through using pigments and dyes), if the colour has significant meaning in society or a particular emotional meaning. Can you create an information page or powerpoint explaining what you have found out?
  • Can you create a biography about your favourite artist? 
  • Read Pie Corbett's poem Eye Spy with my Rainbow Eye (see Books to Share page) and have a go at writing your own version. Think about how you could present your poem... You could write on different coloured paper that matches the colour in the verse, or use different coloured pens. Be creative! 
  • Imagine that you have to teach a person how to make different colours. Create an information poster that explains all about how to mix colours.
  • Fun with words and language! If you make your own colour wheel (see activity in our 'Make and Do' folder) have a go at creating names for the colours you've made. Here are some ideas to get you started: lizard green, pink sunrise, ocean blue, superman pants red, delicious burger brown... Have some imaginative fun!