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Day 2

Read the start of our story. Who is your main character? Is the visitor going to be a good character or a bad character? Who will be telling your story? Is it in 1st or 3rd person? What is going to happen in the middle of your story? What is going to happen at the end? Could your ending be a cliffhanger? Don't forget to include fronted adverbials.


Snap…Snap…Click…The sound of a hundred cameras filled the air.


Craning their necks to the skies to see the enormous specimen, the crowd all let out gasps and moans in unison as the figure took its first steps.


Standing over 50 metres tall, the metal beast cast a foreboding shadow over the gathering, transfixed spectators. No-one knew why it was here. No-one knew where it had come from. No-one knew whose side it was on. However, its intentions were about to be made clear…