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Curriculum Overview

At Botley School we currently run a two year topic cycle which we teach in phase teams –

Early Years – Nursery and Reception

KS1 – Years 1 and 2

Lower KS2 – Years 3 and 4

Upper KS2 – Years 5 and 6


Below is the current Botley School long term topic overview Years A and B - teachers may adapt the order to fit in with world events, seasons etc but coverage will be thorough.

We share resources and ideas, to organise trips and visits into school which will involve all of the phase.  Teachers can share expertise and planning and ensure that children receive a consistent curriculum.  Our topics have broad history and geography themes and will then creatively be encompassed into different subjects – for example, designing clothing and armour for Romans, painting views of Stonehenge, collaging woolly mammoths, expressing Anglo Saxon lives through dance, writing river poems in English…….we endeavour to make links for children to fully understand the purpose of their learning and for them to make their own connections between ideas.  Where possible and relevant we include seasonal studies and world events such as the Olympic Games if it is a leap year!