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Cress growing investigation

Welcome to our Cress Growing Investigation page! 

Here we will add daily photos of the growing progress of our cress seeds - the pot growing inside in the warmth, and the pot growing outside where it's cooler.

Will one grow faster than the other? Which one will best fill my sandwich by the end of the week?! 



Picture 1 Day 1 - 18th May 2020
Picture 2 Day 1 - 18th May 2020
Picture 3 Day 2 (growing inside) - 19th May 2020
Picture 4 Day 2 (growing outside) - 19th May 2020
Picture 5 Day 3 - 20th May 2020
Picture 6 Day 3 - 20th May 2020
Picture 7 Day 4 - 21st May 2020
Picture 8 Day 4 - 21st May 2020
Picture 9 Inside cress and outside cress together on day 4!
Picture 10 Day 5 - 22nd May 2020 and nearly ready to eat!
Picture 11 Day 5 - 22nd May 2020 - not there yet...
Picture 12 Day 6 - 23rd May 2020 - final day, ready to eat!
Picture 13 Day 6 - 23rd May 2020 - final day


What do you conclude from this investigation? Which pot of cress seeds grew the fastest? What was it that helped them to grow faster compared to the other pot? 


The pot of cress growing inside had a constant warm temperature. Despite it being warm outside during the day, the temperature at night dropped and was cold for those outside growing seeds. The coldness slowed down the life processes of the seeds, so they were slower to grow than the pot of seeds growing inside. 


In conclusion, the cress seeds grew faster and more healthily in the warmth - temperature has an important role in the growing of plants! I think I will carry on growing the outside seeds inside now to ensure we have more delicious sandwiches sooner rather than later! 


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