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Tier 4 and Return to School in January

Please see letter in the link below regarding our return to school in January and updates to our Critical Worker and Vulnerable Families information. 


What to do if your child tests positive for COVID-19

If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19:

  1. Keep the family in isolation, including all members of the household
  2. Book a test
  3. Inform the school by telephone as early as possible on the first day they are not in school

In the case of your child testing positive for COVID-19:

  1. Inform the school as soon as you receive the positive result by telephoning the school office


Out of Hours School Emergency number

If the school is closed for the weekend, please contact the school by using the following emergency number

07896 988 077

This number can be only be used as an emergency out of hours number for informing the school of a positive test result during the following  term time hours:

8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday

5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday.

The number can be used as an emergency out of hours number during the Christmas holidays during the following hours:

8am to 10pm Saturday 19th December to Wednesday 23rd December

8am to 12:00 noon Christmas Eve

Please read festive arrangements letter above for more details on reporting positive COVID cases over the Christmas Holiday.


The most common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)


What to do if your child develops symptoms of COVID 19

If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19, they must not come to school and should remain at home for at least 10 days from the date when their symptoms appeared. Anyone with symptoms will be eligible for testing and this can be arranged via or by calling 119. 

All other household members who remain well, must stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days. This includes anyone in your ‘Support Bubble’.

Further information is available at:

New Tier 2 restrictions from 2nd December

You will all be aware of the new National Lockdown restrictions will be lifted from 2nd December and we will be entering a new Tier 2 Level of restrictions. As such, we have reviewed the latest Department for Education guidance and our School Risk Assessment. The main impact on school is that we will be able to welcome back Clinically Extremely Vulnerable staff and pupils who may have been shielding during the National restrictions. Because of their return and the higher level of risk that we are now in when compared to the months leading up to the Lockdown, we will be keeping many of the same high-level preventative measures that we introduced from the 5th November in place until the end of term. We hope that by doing so, we can minimise the chance of an outbreak in school before we close for the Christmas holidays.

Attendance and vulnerable pupils

  • All children can now attend school including clinically extremely vulnerable pupils.
  • It remains the parents’ duty to secure their child’s attendance regularly at school (where the child is a registered pupil at school and they are of compulsory school age)
  • It remains the schools’ responsibility to record attendance and follow up absence
  • We will be taking advice from and following the rules set out by the local authority on absence penalty notices and attendance monitoring during this period of restrictions.

Visitors in school

  • All visits to school are restricted – visits for parents and carers are suspended for:
  • New admissions
  • Settling children in a new setting
  • Plays and performances etc
  • Impromptu meetings with parents at the start and end of the day are to be avoided. All messages for teachers should be sent via the school email or year group email systems.
  • Meetings with teachers should be virtual wherever possible and by appointment only.

Ventilation and the change in weather.

  • Schools have been advised to keep windows and internal doors open in the classrooms as ventilation is extremely important. 
  • As the weather gets colder, we would encourage children to wear extra layers under their uniforms and bring an extra jumper or fleece into school in addition to their school Jumper.  This does not have to be a school uniform jumper. Please make sure any additional jumpers are named.
  • Please remember to send your child to school with a warm, waterproof coat every day.  Once again, please make sure that it has their name in it.

Wearing of Masks

  • During this period, we will continue to keep our bubbles separate by eating in classrooms, playing in separate zones and avoiding movement around the school.  Therefore, children will not wear masks in school unless Government guidance changes.
  • School staff are now being asked to wear masks when using communal areas unless they are medically exempt from doing so.
  • Visitors to the school will continue to be asked to wear a mask. 
  • We continue to expect all parents/or carers to wear a mask when on the premises.  This includes dropping off or collecting their children unless you have a medical reason not to do so.

Travelling to school

  • Journeys can be made to school but families are encouraged to walk or cycle to school wherever possible.
  • Please avoid busy times in the mornings by taking advantage of our slow start between 8.30 and 8.55 at which time the register will be taken.
  • Please remember to not pull into the double yellow lined area in front of the school gate as this is dangerous for the children and families who are crossing the road.
  • The exit from school at 3.15 is a single time as access through our car park can be facilitated thus giving more space to pedestrians.
  • Parents or carers collecting pupils from school must keep 2m distance from other adults on the playground and leave the premises as soon as they have collected their child.

Assessing the Risk of Coronovirus

At Botley School we are dedicated to doing everything we can to keep staff and students as safe as possible in the face of coronavirus.  Consequently, we have spent many hours evaluating the risks and planning a range of mitigating controls.

We have written a risk assessment that is responsive to all new guidance that is released by the Government, ASCL, Ellis Whittam (our Health and Safety provider), the Estates manager from our multi-academy trust as well as our own evaluation of the effectiveness of the controls we have in place.  This plan is always available to view by our staff and is treated as a ‘live’ document that is reviewed whenever we identify a change to the guidance or our management of the risks.  The school’s governing body hold us to account for these plans.

Many of the controls have been shared with parents in a series of Classlist letters and the pupils are given daily reminders from their teachers and through video assemblies. The communications focus on the systems we have put in place, for example:

  • How parents and children can stay safe when walking into school and at the end of the collection
  • How different bubbles are kept apart at lunch time and break time
  • How we are reducing the risks of transmission in lessons and in classrooms
  • What equipment the pupils are allowed to bring to school

These controls are complemented by a number of additional internal systems such as:

  • Staff using additional controls such as face coverings or visors where it proves more challenging to stay 2 metres from other adults in school
  • Enhanced cleaning routines

Updates and information for parents will be shared through:

  • Classlist updates
  • The school website news feed
  • The school newsletter
  • The Covid information page on the website.

The Department for Education has launched a helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education.  Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone:  0800 046 8687

Opening Hours:  8.00am until 6.00pm.


Below this information you will find links to any further resources and parent guides.

As there have been a number of questions about COVID-19 symptoms and what to do, I thought I would just write out a few key things that you need to know:


What are the Symptoms of COVID?

• a new continuous cough

• a high temperature

• a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Having just one of these symptoms could indicate a COVID infection.


What do I do if my child or any person in my home shows any of these symptoms?

• The person with the symptoms must stay at home to self-isolate for 10 days from the date their symptoms started.

• All other members of the household must stay at home to self-isolate for 14 days

• Immediately arrange to have a test for anyone who is actually displaying symptoms of COVID-19.


Should I arrange a test for anyone else in the household if they are not showing symptoms? No. Even if one person has tested positive, there is no point in anyone else getting tested unless they begin to show symptoms, at which time they would need to be tested.


How do I arrange a test?

• Arrange a test through the website. This can be accessed by clicking on this link 

• If you can’t access the internet you can ring 119 to book a test.


What do I do if no tests are available?

• Keep trying until you can book a test.

• All members of the household must self-isolate until receiving the test result


What if I am not sure if the symptoms are COVID or a cold?

• First check the list of symptoms above.

• If still unsure whether you or your child is experiencing COVID symptoms please feel ring 119 or your GP for advice.

• You MUST NOT come to school if you think you or any of your family may have COVID symptoms.


Test results

• If the test results are negative your child can return to school as soon as they are well enough

• If your child has self-isolated for 10 days following a positive test, they do not have to take another test to check if they are now negative. They will be able to return to school if well enough.


Will the school tell me if there is a child in the bubble who is self-isolating? No. This is because most people with suspected symptoms do not test positive for the virus. However, we will always inform you if there is a positive case that requires any action and we will always seek and follow the advice of the local Public Health Team when making decisions.


If I have a child in another bubble or school and they are sent home to self-isolate, Does the rest of my family have to self-isolate? No. Not unless any of your household actually show COVID symptoms.