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Cookery Club Trip


Cookery club trip out.

By Cacia Evans

Cookery club had a trip out to Pizza Hut. At Pizza Hut we had a look at the menu and then got a bowel of salad some of us had pizza others had pasta. We all really liked the nachos, yum yum! We all really enjoyed the salad, we really liked it!


Cooking club blog

By Zac Day

When we went to pizza hut, first we went to the Seacourt bus stop and got on the S1 bus to town. After the long trip on the bus we had to walk to Pizza Hut for 5 minutes. When we got to Pizza Hut some of us ordered pizza and pasta and there was a salad bar. After all of us ate our lunch we waited for the bus and got on it and came back to Botley School.


Cooking club Blog                          

by Rose Johnson

First we got on the bus and we sat on the top.  When we got there the bus went 3 stops away from our destination so we crossed the road and walked to Pizza Hut. We did a head count and sat at our table and ordered our food. Then one of the 13 of us got the wrong food. When we had finished we got on the bus with a dog on and got back to school again.