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We have been learning about China where we have looked at a map to locate the country and talked about the different features of the country including the landmarks and food. We then made a vegetable stir fry where we practised our cutting skills to cut up the vegetables for our stir fry. We thoroughly enjoyed eating it at the end of the day.

The animal race story

We read the animal race story and learnt that how the order of the calendar years were decided through the animal race. We retold the story using props where we learnt the ordinal numbers to describe the order.

The year of the ...

We learnt which year we were born under and made animal masks to represent this. Some of us were born under the year of the monkey and some of us were born under the year of the rooster.

Letters to friends

We learnt that some people received a red envelope containing money during the Chinese New Year celebrations. We wrote a letter to a friend and then placed it in a red envelop with a chocolate coin. We then went to the school office to buy a stamp and posted the letters. We were very excited to receive them at home. 

Chinese dancing

We watched clips of the celebrations for Chinese New Year and watched how the people moved under their costumes. In PE, we recreated this whilst listening to some Chinese music. We started by moving on our own, then in pairs, then joined another pair until we created a long line. We had such great fun!