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Big Maths = Big Fun!

In groups of 4, we were given a budget of £100 to buy materials to build a bridge to set specifications.

It had to be at least 30cm long, 5cm wide, have no more than 4 legs/feet & hold a toy car for 10 seconds.


We had to calculate how much the materials cost before trying to buy them from Bob’s shop.

We used imitation money & whiteboards to work it out.


During the session, Bob (Mr Pearce) put on deals that reduced the price of materials for a short time by either a percentage or a fraction.


We had to think carefully about waiting for a good deal & making sure we had enough time to complete the bridge.

The winners were Eleanor, Roha Sani & Seb, who managed to stay within budget and their final bridge design held 5 toy cars, two pairs of glasses, two pairs of scissors & two felt tips before we had to move onto another group's as we were running out of time!

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