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Be a wise owl and learn some life skills. How many can you do?

Now might be the perfect time to learn and practise some essential life skills while you’re at home… You may need to ask an adult for help with some of the more tricky ones!


1) Wash and dry the dishes

2) Help in the garden—e.g. weeding

3) Plant some seeds

4) Learn how to use the washing machine—sort the laundry, put a wash on

5) Fold and put away the clean clothes

6) Tidy your bedroom

7) Help prepare a meal

8) Load / empty the dishwasher

9) Make your bed— for older children try changing the duvet cover and pillowcases

10) Vacuuming

11) Dusting

12) Learn to touch type


or Purplemash 2Type  

13) Learn your home address and telephone number

14) Sew a button on

15) Make a cup of tea / coffee

16) Learn to tie your shoelaces

17) Learn to use scissors

18) Polish your shoes

19) Clean the windows (inside!)

20) Learn how to make an emergency call (Never make an emergency call unless it is needed.)