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Autumn Term focus

Here are some suggested activities that we will be focusing on this term in the Prime Areas of Learning. Please can you continue to support this at home.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development

  • Choose own activities and resources independently
  • Develop a ‘have a go’ attitude when taking part in activities
  • Talk about the things I like to do and those that I do not like
  • Begin to talk about how I am feeling and explain why I am feeling that way
  • Talking about what I am doing in full sentences
  • Responding to what others say
  • Listen to stories with increasing attention and concentration
  • Respond to stories with comments and questions
  • Talk about what has happened in a story and begin to recall events in the correct sequence
  • Listen and respond to instructions i.e. can you put the toy in the box?
  • Understanding the importance of hygiene – wiping after being to toilet, flushing the toilet, washing hands after using toilet, before eating.
  • Practise hygiene routines independently
  • Using a knife, fork and spoon to eat.
  • Dressing and undressing self including socks, shoes, wellies, jumper, coat and zip
  • Holding writing tools using fingers/pincer grip
  • Hold scissors correctly to cut


Additionally, this term we are focusing on name recognition and writing. This helps children to become more independent in their activities and helps children develop ownership. We understand that all children are at different stages in this and have provided some suggestions on how you can support your child at home.



To recognise own name in different places such as on our peg, drawer, self-registration, name card etc.

You can make a name card/label and hide it in different places for your child to find. E.g. amongst toys, under the table, in the garden. You could add other family members names such as Mum, Dad for them to start to distinguish between names of importance.

You could add name cards at dinner so each family member sits in a certain place.

To write own name by tracing or copying name card or independently.

We have sent home a name card to help your child to practise writing their name and this will be sent on Tapestry for you to have.

You may wish to practise the first letter of your child’s name, so they are confident at making a representation of their name. However, if your child is confident at writing their name you may wish to focus on their surname.

Writing the name in yellow for your child to trace allows them to understand where to make their mark.

The children can write their names in different ways such as using paint, chalk, paint brushes and water outside, sticks in sand/mud, using magnetic letters etc.