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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 1 2020: Superheroes

Our main focus at first will be making sure all children are happily settled into their new environment, are familiar with our routines and rules and are having fun!  Our planning will be based around the children’s interests and the next steps in their learning which we will incorporate into our broad topic theme of ‘Superheroes’.


We hope to learn about what we look like and who is in our family, to look at similarities and differences between ourselves and others, to learn what our bodies can do and what we like and dislike. We will be learning about real life superheroes. We will be learning about doctors, nurses and dentists and how they help us look after ourselves. We will be learning how we can take care of our bodies and exploring what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We will be learning about fire fighters and police and what role they have in looking after us. We will be exploring how we can keep safe when out and about. We will learn that we are all superheroes!


Autumn Term 2 2020: Celebrations

We will continue our learning from Term 1 and move on to the different celebrations such as Bonfire night, Diwali, Christmas etc. Additionally, we will be learning about seasonal change and what happens to animals as we get closer to Winter.