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Autumn Term

Learning in Reception

Autumn Term 2019: All About Me / Celebrations

Our topic this term is ‘All about me and Celebrations’. We begun our term welcoming our new children and families into Reception and helping them to settle into their new environment. Together we established our class rules and routines and developed relationships with both the adults and the children.

Our topic begun with a focus on our family where we shared photos and discussed who is in our family. We learnt the different names for family members and linked this to stories about families. We then focused on ourselves thinking about how we are similar and different to our friends and what makes us unique. We learnt how we have changed since being a baby and look ahead to the future and what job we may want to do when we are older. Next, we learnt about our body and developed our vocabulary of the terms used to describe the various parts. We also learnt about our senses and how we can keep ourselves healthy and safe.

Term 2

We continued our learning from Term 1 and moved on to the different celebrations such as Bonfire night, Christmas etc. Additionally, we learnt about seasonal change and what happens to animals as we get closer to Winter.