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Art and DT

Art and Design Technology


This term we will be studying the history of Benin and light in science and our art and design and technology projects will relate to these themes.


Ideas to try out at home.


Science and Art


  • Find out all about how we see colour and the colour spectrum.  Find out about colour mixing and create your own palette of colours you have mixed with water colour or acrylic paints.


  • Fill an artbook with line drawings of objects in your home, then study objects you choose to draw looking carefully at where there is shadow on the object.  Now add form to your line drawings by shading your pictures.


  •  Research how a camera captures an image and create a presentation on your findings.


West African Art


  • Find out all about the Benin Bronzes, draw some in your sketchbook and annotate what each part of the sculpture is.  Find out how they were made and create instructions on how to make a sculpture by using the Lost Wax Method.  
  • Visit the Benin bronzes online here:
  • Draw a design based upon Kuba cloth.
  • Make a papier mache sculpture of a leopard similar to those found in Benin.  
  • Make a papier mache mask based upon your research on West African masks.