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Animals-Term 3

At the start of term our main focus will be making sure that children return happily and that our new children are happily settled into their new environment, are familiar with our routines and rules and are having fun!  Our planning will be based around the children’s interests and the next steps in their learning which we will incorporate into our broad topic theme of ‘Animals’.

Each week we will focus on a key book to explore story language and vocabulary and to talk about the key events and characters in the stories. We hope to learn about the importance of hand washing and to make our own sandwiches for ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’. We will have a dinosaur theme for a couple of weeks where we will learn to roar and move like dinosaurs and be palaeontologists digging for bones and fossils. We will learn about Chinese new year through some lovely creative activities and we are looking forward to an outside agency coming in to lead a dance session with us. We also hope to take the children to the Forest School sites and School field for large scale gross motor activities, games and exploration.