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23rd September

Our first few weeks back at nursery have been very busy!

We have welcomed lots of new friends as well as welcoming back the current nursery children, who have all been very kind in making our new friends feel safe and happy, and by showing them where everything is and how we do things in nursery!

We enjoyed our Nursery Rhyme week, where we learnt lots of songs and rhymes.

Learning to sit for a group time and join in with others can be a bit tricky at first, but most have managed it very well and others are getting more used to it each day!

The children have been thinking about the people special to them and who is in their families and have been drawing pictures of their families. They learnt that they have some similarities and differences to other people.

The story focus that week was 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', where the children learnt to join in with the repeated and familiar parts of the story, and have a go at re-telling the story with props and pictures. We even danced and did large actions to re-tell the story.


This week (23rd September) we are learning about how we keep safe both in nursery and when not in nursery. We are talking about our nursery rules as we want everyone to feel safe, secure and happy when in nursery, and what we should do if we are hurt or upset about something.

The children are also learning about how to take care of one another and all the toys and equipment in nursery and why all of these things are very important.

14th October.

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been learning about Autumn and Harvest time.

We have enjoyed going on Autumn walks to the school field and finding lots of leaves and other autumn objects, collecting them to put on our autumn display and using them in various autumn themed activities. The children have enjoyed exploring the objects and talking about them, what they look and feel like, learning new words to describe the textures of objects.

Talking about the things we found was a great opportunity to use language of shape and size to describe objects as well as look at the quantity of objects found. The children were quickly picking up lots of new vocabulary.

Following on from all the different kinds of leaves the children collected, we hosted a 'stay and play' session last week where parents were invited to stay and do some activities with their children, which included leaf rubbing, looking at all the beautiful patterns in the leaves; using hole punches to make holes in leaves and thread pipe cleaners through (developing their hand strength and fine motor skills), exploring pumpkins, and scooping out the seeds, seeing what they looked, felt and smelt like; some children thought they smelt nice others didn't like it quite so much! and the seeds were 'slimy'!

There were some wonderful clay snails and hedgehogs created, and some colourful vegetable printed pictures.

The Autumn ice blocks were a big hit, the children were fascinated by the objects frozen inside and explored how to get them out. They learnt about freezing and melting and how they could speed up the process.

The children weighed and balanced conkers in our giant weighing scales, learning lots of maths and counting skills while doing so. They also used spoons and large tweezers to pick up the conkers further developing their fine motor skills.

Many parents attended the stay and play sessions and we hope they found it a useful insight into how their children learn through their play!


In addition to all our Autumn activities, we have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen and learning about how bread is made. The children were able to join in with the story and were beginning to understand why the animals couldn't share the bread at the end of the story (because none of them had wanted to help the little red hen to do any of the work in order to make the bread).

Following on from the story, we watched a short film on where bread comes from, from the field, to the mill, to the bakery, to the shop, and then they all had a turn at making their own bread rolls; They learnt again, the importance of washing their hands before touching food.

They helped to measure then mix the ingredients, knead the dough and made little rolls. They learnt that the dough had to 'prove' in a warm place before being baked. The bread smelt delicious as it cooked and we hope they all enjoyed eating their rolls when they took them home!


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End of Term 1

We have come to the end of Term 1! It has been amazingly busy and the children have all been amazing too!

We have been learning all about what our bodies can do, and have done exercising (which we do at the beginning of each session to help wake us up and shake off any excess energy before we sit for our first Group time). We have talked about how we feel after we have done exercises-are we puffed out? is their heart beating faster? why do they think they feel like that?

They have also done obstacle courses in the garden, where they have climbed, balanced, jumped and negotiated space and distances as well as co-operating, sharing and taking turns with the other children.

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We have also been learning about different feelings, such as happy, sad, angry, jealous, why we might have these feelings and the ways in which we can deal with them. We have looked at a lot of stories and talked about it at group times then used what we have learnt during our time at nursery such as what we can do and how we deal with feeling angry if someone does something we don't like when we are playing, or if we are feeling sad.

The children have also drawn some faces to show these different feelings and talked about the things that make them happy/sad/angry etc.

Charlie drew a sad and angry face saying "bed" makes him feel angry. when asked what he could do to make him feel better he said "stomp my feet".

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