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Welcome to Reception!


Autumn Term

This term our topic has been ‘Superheroes’ where the children have been learning about the superheroes they love watching and reading about as well as real-life superheroes. During the term the children have enjoyed taking part in various activities. Some of the highlights have been

Sharing stories

We have been reading superhero stories where we have been learning to respond and share our thoughts about what we have read. The children particularly enjoyed ‘Supertato’ and talking about the ‘Evil Pea’!

Dr Freeze

Dr Freeze visited our classroom and froze our toys. The children had to think about ways we could break them free and learnt that when ice is heated it melts. They wrote letters to Dr Freeze asking if he freezes people and to not return to the class!

Fire Fighter visit

The children were delighted to have a visit from the Fire Fighters. They learnt about the role of the Fire Fighter and what to do if they discovered a fire. Afterwards the children wrote a note to go in the newsletter.



Throughout the term, the children have loved learning about different celebrations. The children learnt about some in school (Harvest, Diwali, Bonfire Night) and brought photos to share their experiences of celebrations which included Eid, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Ramadan etc.)

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